CLASS ROOMS – Bright and airy classrooms lend a positive learning ambience.

 COMPOSITE SCIENCE LAB – The Science Lab is fitted with modern scientific equipments and supports hands on experiential learning.
 MATH LAB – The Math Lab is fully equipped and makes the learning of the subject interactive, participatory and joyful.
 COMPUTER LAB – The Computer Lab is equipped with the latest multi-media machines, LCD colour monitors, educative and subject specific CDs. The school has a tie up with EZ Vidya which offers an integrated computer curriculum. This enables students to become computer savvy and learn subjects with care.
 THEATRE – Short films and documentaries that impart values and learning are screened regularly.
 LIBRARY – A vast and varied collection of books converts the library into a knowledge hub.
 ART STUDIO – Art Studio is the place where the creativity of children is unleashed, where we can see PICASSO’s and REMBRANDT’s in the making.
 DANCE STUDIO – Various dance forms and styles are explored during dance class.
 PLAY GROUND – A number of facilities are available. Courts for Basket Ball, Throw Ball, Foot Ball, Hand Ball are available.
 TRANSPORT – Transportation is available for the students and teachers from various parts of district. The vehicles are maintained and handled by experienced drivers.
 SAFETY AND SECURITY – The school has CCTV Cameras set-up to monitor areas in the school campus. Security guards are posted at all entries and exists 24/7.
 HEALTH CARE : A general medical screening is done once a year. The school has medical support from PSG Hospital for medical emergencies.
 AUDITORIUM – The school auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 is well equipped with LED projectors and the latest in sound system. It is used for primary assemblies, cultural activities and competitions.