The school’s academic programe is based upon the CBSE curriculum. Quality education is imparted from LKG through Grade 10


The children have a busy day in school with the day well planned and structured. English, Hindi, Tamil, Maths and Themes are taught in a well defined manner. Free Choice, outdoor activity, circle time, play time, reflection time cater to a variety of learning styles – while keeping the children engaged in happy and positive ways. Assemblies, Art & Craft, Dance, Music, physical activity and field trips help children learn the values of cooperation, caring and sharing.


The focus in the primary years is on creating an environment which fosters a quest for knowledge, a sensitivity towards nature as well as our heritage. We provide an environment that encourages a questioning mind and give students many avenues for expressing creativity and building skills while nurturing individual potential.


At the secondary stage, apart from strengthening the students knowledge base the focus is on honing the students capacity to reason, analyse, evaluate and make decisions. Children learn through a variety of tools and techniques such as teacher instruction, activity sheets, mind mapping, group activities, discussions, experiments, workshops and seminars.