• To educate children about their immediate environment and the causes for its deterioration
• To impart knowledge about the role of different factors in an ecosystem, their interdependence and their need for survival
• To mobilize youngsters by instilling in them the spirit of enquiry into environmental problems
• To involve students in environmental preservation efforts however small they may be.



  • World Environment day was observed. A poem called the Jungle justice was enacted by students of class 7. Through the poem children learnt about the importance of afforestation and the ill effects of deforestation.
  • A power point presentation on ‘wildlife’ was show-cased by Mr.P.Jeganathan Ph.d Coordinator conservation education programme from Nature conservation foundation. In this interactive workshop children learnt to identify different types of wildlife.
  • A nature walk was organised around the campus by Siruthuli.
  • Environmental consciousness is an integral part of the school ethos. Through frequent assembly talks, this consciousness is imparted.
  • On 12th January – Youth day we were in for a wonderful surprise. We went on a trip to the GASS Museum.
  • Shri Sekhar Raghavan, director rain centre, Chennai addressed the student community on the occasion of World Water Day, March 22nd 2010. He also filmed some powerful documentaries on conserving water and on rain water harvesting.
  • A six day Nurture Nature Camp was organised by Siruthuli. Students of our school actively participated and were briefed on ‘Plastic monsters’ and the benefits of recycling. They visited a PET bottle recycling plant, the BIO park at Anaikatti, Siruvani water treatment plant. Students also learnt about mother bed preparation and tree development.