5 Unique Pillars

Life at GRD School centers around a shared commitment to – Academic excellence, Skills development, Values integration, Sporting Competence and Cultural enrichment. This commitment brings a totally new dimension into the development of each and every child.


Academic Excellence


Our active teaching methodology and experiential learning classes are child centered. The children can be themselves, gain confidence, initiative, and creativity and develop critical and analytical skills. Our classrooms are full of energy and enthusiasm.

Values Integration


Values such as integrity, generosity, patience respect for environment, civic consciousness, discipline, and courage are universal and eternal; children are guided in acquiring these values in a variety of ways such as teacher interaction, assembly talks, story sessions and fun activities.

Skills Development


Our skills development programme focuses on strong communication, creativity, teamwork and leadership. Especially designed co-curricular and extracurricular activities enable this.

Sporting Competence


Sports and games help in character building while keeping us physically fit and healthy. A structured PE Curriculum enables this.

Cultural Enrichment


An appreciation of culture and heritage is promoted through Music, Dance and Drama.