Student Development Programmes

Life at GRD School centers around a shared commitment to – Academic excellence, Skills development, Values integration, Sporting Competence and Cultural enrichment. This commitment brings a totally new dimension into the development of each and every child.
Education means an overall development of character, strength of mind and expansion of intellect –so that children can deal effectively with the demands and changes of everyday life. A number of lectures, workshops and awareness programmes are organised.


Meet The scientist


Students of Class 8 and 9 had this wonderful opportunity to attend an online live session and interact with Dr.C. Buvaneswaran PhD (Forestry) Scientist-F on the topic ‘Climate Change and Forest’. The Webinar was organized by Silviculture and Forest Management Division – IFGTB.

Dr. Buvaneswaran explained how the Green House gases are affecting the Climate of the world and in turn causing unprecedented natural disasters on a large scale in recent times. He emphasized on the statistics of the previous year’s which indicated the steady rise of Green house gases and Co2 levels in the atmosphere and the need to control the alarming levels. To mitigate the damage caused to the environment over all these years, he shared the solutions which were already being implemented by Forestry department, namely Afforestation and sustainable living using Bio energy and Bio Fuels. He drove his point home by expressing that it is we human beings who need to overcome our greed, selfishness and apathy in order to care and conserve our nature and its surroundings.

The presentation ended with a good interactive Q & A session with students. The session addressed the concerns of ecological imbalance and thus created the much needed awareness about eco conservation amongst our students.

Meet the Futurepreneurs !!!!


In the month of July 2021, Young India (Coimbatore chapter) organized a wonderful online session for Class 6 and 7, to share the success story of a multitalented 15 year old entrepreneur Ms. Shakthi Shri Devi S.

It was a lovely opportunity for our students to be influenced, motivated and inspired by this young author, speaker, song writer and singer. Shakhti wrote her first book at the age of 8 and by the age of 15 yrs she has already authored 15 books!!! She has covered different genres like comics, short stories, journals and diaries in book writing and has, herself designed the graphics for most of her books. Besides this, she has also written, composed, sang and recorded her own songs. She is also a young speaker who loves to give motivational talks to students in various schools. During the session, she shared her success mantra through her concise and clear-cut PPT which was awe-inspiring for our students.

The key takeaways from her talk were ‘ To start with a dream’ , ‘ Setting rules based on your goals and making those rules as your habit’, ‘ Exercise self-control by manifesting control over our distractions’. She was truly an inspiration for our young budding writers.

Meet The Child Prodigy!!!


“Age is just a number “ this may sound cliché but holds so true for the enterprising child prodigy , 15 year old Tilak Mehta , with whom, our students of class 7 and 8, had a chance to interact via Futurepreneurship Series Webinar organized by Young Indians , Coimbatore Chapter in the month of Aug 2021.

There is no age barrier for entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the spirit of curiosity to do something better, to bring a change, or to solve a problem. The 15-years-old boy, Tilak Mehta, Founder of Paper n Parcel, is India’s Youngest Entrepreneur who made a Digital Courier Company by providing One-Day parcel service, with the help of ‘Mumbai Dabbawalas.’ He is also been a Forbes Panelist, TeDx Speaker and has been awarded the prestigious Global Child Prodigy Award.

During the Webinar Tilak Mehta shared his experience as a young entrepreneur and also enthusiastically answered few interesting questions by the students. He emphasized that one can start small , but must have the right mindset, seize the opportunity , have a plan , work on your idea and discuss with the right kind of people. By prioritizing and through effective time management, he has balanced his work life and study life well. His definition of fear was “Face everything and rise “.

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity for our students to hear him, share his success mantra and get inspired and influenced by his life story. As a young entrepreneur, juggling between studies, business and sports, he has had his share of success and sacrifices and is truly an epitome of hard work, dedication and commitment for the current generation of youngsters.