Built on a two-acre plot on the bustling Avanashi road, the School provides a safe and rich learning environment. Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. Visual and performing art studios have aesthetic appeal. Science and Computer Laboratories are well equipped. The Library has a huge collection of books. The playground has facilities for outdoor games.


Computer Science Lab

The Computer Lab is spaciously designed and equipped with the latest multimedia infrastructure. There is ample provision of Smart PCs ( LCD Monitors) in order to accommodate every single child of a particular class. The school has a tie up with EZ Vidya which offers an Comprehensive ICT curriculum called Chrysalis. This Curriculum aims at developing the IT skills and capabilities of young learners.The apt blend of our Tech savvy lab and the strategic Chrysalis curriculum enables our students to think effectively and be responsible users of technology. Thus learning becomes a fun and engaging activity for the students resulting in understanding of the subject in an easy and interesting way.