Truly speaking these 14 years at GRD were awesome and memorable. This school gave me top quality education, friends for life, the best teachers and taught me many valuable life lessons. Those fun filled laughter sessions, fearful paper distribution times, emotional fights with best friends, advice lectures from teachers will always be engraved in my heart. The best thing I like about my school is that they treated each and every one of us equally. How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.



The very first thing that comes to my mind is the lush green trees in and around the school campus. The evergreen atmosphere makes us calm and relaxed. Interactive sessions during class hours, chit chats during breaks and lunch hours are just simply awesome. I would like to mention Mrs. Geetha Padmanaban ma’am who is such an inspiring person and she used to say “Congratulations all the winners and those who have not received the prizes, give yourselves a big clap because you have participated and that itself is an achievement”. I could never forget these encouraging words and “hip hip hurray” on the prize distribution days.



My school used to organize extracurricular activities which helped me to find my hidden talents. These make school life the best phase of my life. I think I have enjoyed the school life to the fullest. I should thank all my teachers who supported us during our ups and downs. I have been in GRD for more than 7 years. Thank you GRD for giving me such a beautiful experience



For me the journey and the time that I spent in the GRD campus were really precious. I really enjoyed the days with my friends and I am sure that I am going to miss those days. Our school teachers and staff were really kind and taught me lessons that are really useful for life. I am sure that no other school management is like ours and I am proud to be a GRDian



GRD has always been lenient with us. The teachers did all they could to make us score. I was volunteering for the very first time in my life for the Annual Day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I cannot resist myself from saying this – Seriously our principal ma’am has always been a huge support for us. My school life is going to end here... I cannot or will not forget it ever, my GRD...



I was very nervous on my first day in G.R.D. Everything was new to me: new friends, new teachers and new surroundings. The school has greater degree of freedom than any other schools. The school has made me realize the surroundings, taught us to be independent in thoughts. Thank you so much GRD.



I’ve spent my whole life here in GRD. 14 years of memories filled with laughter, tears and many more emotions which I can’t put in words. Every day was filled with fun and every day we learnt many things. No school conducts extra-curricular activities like GRD. The expression week is where we all enjoyed a lot. Last day of expression week, we all used to assemble at Matric quadrangle and have loads and loads of fun. Thank you GRD will miss you always.

Sanjay Ram R R


My school life was surely a learning experience. The confidence and motivation it gave me, I couldn’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, it is the place where I recognized my uniqueness and individuality. My school life is no less than a treasure for me which gave me invaluable joys in life. Even a rough idea about a new invention was applauded in class. Teachers taught us the importance of valuing and respecting other’s knowledge and time by being punctual, and always taught us by involving in each discussion and letting us learn and grow by ourselves and not concluding on their own. Had it not been for my school life, I would’ve missed out on so many things. The knowledge, good friends, experience and memories, I owe it all to my incredible school life in GRD.



It is finally our time to depart with eyes teared up and our hearts aching. We will definitely miss our second home. We long to stay back for more time but we have to move to the next levels to be successful. We promise to take our school’s pride to greater heights. We will always be grateful to everyone who have guided us through our school journey. Without them we will never be what we are today.



I am indeed blessed to have studied in this school with such friends and teachers, for which I would like to, thank our beloved Principal Mrs. Srimathi Naidu Maʼam who guided us through the right path and was always there with us to provide her support and encouragement in all our endeavors. If not for her and all my teachers, I wouldn’t have been able to become what I am now.



Leaving our comfort zone that was GRD is going to be difficult. From the time I first joined in 6th till my last year here, I have always felt grateful that I belonged to GRD. The environment the school provided throughout the years was always warm, safe and encouraging. The Sports day, Annual day, Expressions week, Numaish and various other activities that were planned throughout the year for all the classes exposed me to a lot new things.



It has been 14 long years I have been in GRD, a strong bond. It is where I started learning the alphabet and can now solve complex equations using the same. We were encouraged to do all activities ranging from academics to sports like karate, throw ball, Football, chess etc... The proactive approach of GRD in the form of seminars and programs rid us of our stage fear and shaped our personality as well. Each year we were given topics to work upon and explain it before our juniors. I was happy to be the Dharma house captain and School Pupil Leader. This brought out my leadership qualities, team spirit and also removed my stage fear. Now I fondly remember, giving the oath every Wednesday in the school assembly, when I would become anxious. But soon I gained an immense confidence while facing the crowd, which will surely help in my future career.



This school has shaped me as a student as well as a person through the years. The exposure and the activities to exams that I participated here have made me a stronger person. All the matches that we have gone have taught a lot about sportsmanship, facing fears and working together as a team these have expanded our horizons for the future.



I honestly feel this is the most amazing school. Almost everything is well equipped, maintained and also well planned. All my teachers were very supportive. Though I was not a well performing kid, my teachers always supported and boosted me in every possible ways. During the Pandemic classes were organized in the online mode. My teachers planned so well and they taught us effectively. They were always ready to clear our doubts. This school has inspired and changed me a lot.



Nothing can match the amount of fun we have had in school with friends as well as teachers. There is no judging anywhere and we can always be ourselves in here. The best part is even though everyone has their fair amount of fun, studies are given priority. We were not able to interact much due to the pandemic. We tried to make the most out of online classes. But according to me the memories we made in 11th compensate for the 12th grade too.



School life is the period that makes up most of your childhood memories. I had a lot of wonderful memories with my friends. I learnt to laugh, cry, share, and support by bonding with my classmates. I will always be thankful to my school for shaping my personality and teaching me valuable lessons. It has given me friends for life and teachers that I will always look up to. I aspire to carry on the values taught by my school to do well in life and make it proud.



I have been adapted to this whole environment for 14 years and it is painful to think that we have to move on from here and take a bigger step in our life. I would really miss every single thing here from the huge trees, ground, classrooms, teachers and Friends! Each and every day that I spent in school was precious and memorable. I would like to thank each and everyone who have been a part of my journey in GRD.



GRD taught me many good skills. Before joining GRD I was just average in studies and had no motivation to study. But after joining here, I was taught to learn without memorizing all things. I gained interest in studies. GRD focuses not only on studies but also on life skills which is very much crucial after schooling. These 7years of my journey with GRD was the best. I will definitely Miss GRD a lot after 12th.



Activities conducted by our school have taught us a lot and also gave us opportunities to create beautiful and everlasting memories with my friends. Every corner of this place has seen numerous laughter, cries, disappointments, achievements and lot of other emotions. The time that we pestered our teachers for a PT period and ended up fighting, the time that we bunked classes for expression, the excitement that we had the day before the trip, the time that we spent laughing for the silliest thing in the world are irreplaceable.



Feels like with the blink of an eye our whole higher school life got over. There are so many memories that we carry with us as we leave this beautiful school. I got to admit that we got the best, selfless, loving and understanding teachers. We had lots of fun with them. Classes with them weren’t just about textbooks and hours of lectures. We had games , quizzes , riddles and many more. We had our freedom and we made wise use of it. We never wanted to disappoint our teachers with our behaviour. Moments with our friends are always unforgettable. There was never a void. Not even one student was left alone. Towards the end of our school lives, we all had become so close and there was something magical between us all.



Even though we did face a lot of rough times, school is something that I would miss the most because we weren't able to spend the last year together and that's really heartbreaking...None of us expected that it would end like this, but whatever happens, happens for a reason.



I have been in this school since 5th standard and overall I have only good things to cherish. Yes we had ups and downs, but it was always worth it because they always aimed at that end result – “improving us”. Our principal ma’am was very kind to us especially during trips and when it comes to facilities. The school life doesn’t end without trips. From the announcement of trips till we reached our home after trip, every moment was enjoyable, dancing in the bus , hotel food and the last seat…everything was great.



The journey of 14 years in GRD consumes the major part of my life which I will cherish for my lifetime. I’m grateful to the institution for the discipline, knowledge and confidence it has instilled in us. Marks were never the priority. When I look back, all I could remember are the beautiful memories that we created. Now it’s heart breaking that everything has come to an end.



I enjoy going to school everyday to meet my friends and learn new things. My teachers gave attention to each and every student. They clear all my doubts in a very comfortable manner. They also helped us in choosing our career. I love my school life. I would thank all my teachers who guided and supported me throughout in my thick and thin.



Each day in school not only helped me learn new things but also gave me confidence, allowed me to discover myself and made me follow and understand the significance of the principles, ethics and values in our everyday lives . These would not have been possible without the guidance and support of Correspondent ma’am, Principal ma’am, teachers and school management, to whom simple “thank you” would not be sufficient as all these years here has laid a strong foundation for the upcoming years of my life.



I have joined GRD Public School for my class 11, and I don’t have much experience like others do but I still have a lot of memories which I won’t forget in my life. Our teachers have taught us to always concentrate and choose the path which decides our future. They are really friendly and help the students in their hard times during the studies.



You’d think that being the first batch in such a reputed institution would put a mountain of stress on the shoulders of the students. And rightly so, it was like that at first. But fortunately, we ended up under an amazing team of teachers. Thanks to them, subjects like Accountancy and others felt like learning the alphabets. To be honest, online classes were like watching a boring play all day. It made us realize how much we love and miss our beloved classroom. To others, it’s just a room. But for us GRDians, it’s an epitome of entertainment and golden memories. I will certainly miss the environment that I grew up for 14 years. Thank you GRD, for this wonderful life you gave me.



The beautiful journey of 12 years at GRD has been nothing short of magical. This institution has moulded us into fine individuals who are aware of what they are and what they want. Being the first batch, I thank the management for having trust in us and we yearn to add excellence to the institution and thanks to the mentors to have instilled that confidence in us. I am forever grateful to be a part of this family which has complemented all the factors and enabled us to grow together and stronger. We are all leaving the school with complete satisfaction and confidence that we can knock down all barriers.



Our school gave me precious memories that are truly priceless. I really enjoyed a lot in this school from the date I took admission till date. I joined GRD school many years back, however, it seems that it was yesterday. The educational environment of this school is very strict, cool and motivational.



The best and favourite memories of mine were the school trips, especially class 10th’s and the movies’ period, when we were younger kids. The favourite part was the PT period, it used to be so fun. I still miss those days when our teachers used to share their life stories and bring sweets for us and we all used to play together in class. I learned dedication, hard work, motivation and self - actualization. School days were the best days in my life . “school times end , but memories last forever”.



I am lucky to have been in the right hands.GRD has been excelling in providing students with the best knowledge and makes sure that their students are well behaved too. I have spent 6 years in GRD and I have had the best coaching there. It is not only about the coaching but also they make sure we excel in all kinds of areas like arts, dance, music, yoga and many more. One thing I really like about my school is that in every activity, they make sure that all the students get involved in all activities.



I studied last 3 years in GRD public school and I am glad that I have done my important grades here . I was very eager to join the school . My school has a beautiful infrastructure with lot of creative artistic paintings . My school has all the facilities for sports, arts , yoga, dance and other activities. Not only this we do have labs where we learnt practical things which work in our real life .



At first I thought that in 11th and 12th grade there would be no fun as we would be completely immersed in studies. But these were the amazing and memorable years. Everyone in this school was very helpful. Especially my classmates, they were all very friendly. My Principal ma’am and teachers were very supportive and kind when I was struggling. After coming to this school and meeting new friends I found a new me. Now I am not afraid of meeting new people and I hope I can make new friends wherever I go.



This was such a wonderful chapter of my life. These walls bear the story of the most precious years of my life. There is always pros and cons, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons by a huge margin. I’m proud to say I’m a GRDian and I’m glad I’ve been part of this story.



When some of our friends were always switching schools, my friends and I were very determined that no matter what, we were going to spend the next two years at GRD. And I am so glad we made that decision. It’s our home after all, where our family is. This place has given us so much to learn from. It taught us discipline, right and wrong, reason, knowledge and life. No matter where life takes me, I’ll always look back to GRD, because it is my home and it always will be.



We laughed until we had to cry , the memories of school life are definitely a treasure to cherish for the rest of my life. It is where I started by learning the alphabet and can now solve equations using the same. If it hadn’t been GRD, I would have missed so many things.



I joined GRD during my 5th grade and that was one difficult time for me to cope up with new friends. The teacher’s helped me through it and friends just made it fun for me at the same time. I was an introvert back in those days but after spending my time with few people at school it just changed me into a new person. I’ve participated in every sport and been on a tournament and the P.E teacher helped me to find my true talent in athletics. GRD is in my heart and on my sleeves forever and ever.