Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science has been in existence for 29 years and has designed instructional strategies to meet the challenges of advanced computer education namely, transmission of vast bodies of knowledge and engenderment of conversance and competence in procedures: fostering the ability to keep learning and keep abreast of the explosive new developments and facilitation of creativity which alone could ensure a competitive edge in a field brimming with endless innovations.

The Department of Computer Science offers the courses BCA, BSc (Computer Science), B.Sc (Information Technology), 2 year Postgraguate programme M.Sc (Information Technology), MCA 3 Year courses in addition to the 2 year MCA programme(Lateral Entry). The Department of Computer Science is also approved to offer the M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes in Computer Science.


The Department of Computer Science has exceptionally modern and up to date physical facilities – spacious and well furnished laboratories and classrooms, Conference and Seminar Halls, Audio Visual room, Library including CD library and extensive state of the art computer facilities, with internet access.

The Department of Computer Science has a full complement of committed, well qualified and experienced faculty believing in close teacher-student interaction, and setting an example by working long hours.

The DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE also offers the POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN ROBOTICS (1 Year - Part Time) which can be concurrently undergone alongwith the Two Year MCA (LATERAL ENTRY) Course.

Faculty Profile

Dr. G. Radhamani Dr. N. Sudha Bhuvaneswari
Dr. S. Sujatha Dr. S. Umamaheswari
Dr. R. Srividhya Dr. K. Vanitha
C. Divya D. Rajan Babu
Dr. P. Sumathi Mrs. K. Kavitha
Dr. T. Sarathamani Dr. K. Praveena
R. Suresh R. Boobathiraj
Dr. M. Suguna C. Bhuvaneswari
Dr. P. Edith Linda Dr. B. R. Laxmisree
D. Christy Jemima A. Paulraj
N. Santhiya Dr. N. Kanchana
Dr. R. Gayathri Dr. A. Mythili
K. Umamaheswari V. Saravanan
M. Suresh Kumar Dr. N. Palanisamy
A. Prem Kumar M. Rajeshwari
C. Devasena S. Ramachandran