Physical Education

At GRD College of Science, there are good facilities for sports and games. Several student have been trained with good exercise and nurturing of talents, interest, leadership, And other soft skills. The Physical Education department has facilities for most of the outdoor and indoor games. Physical facilities for all games have been provided and the services of coaches are enlisted as and when necessary to nurture promising talents. Extensive play grounds serve the needs of regular practice in football, volley ball, and basket ball.

Play fields, indoor and outdoor stadia and ample physical education facilities have been provided for students to engage in games of their choice. The College teams in football, basketball, cricket and volley ball engage in regular practice and take part in University and CICAA meets. Coaching is arranged for promising sportsmen: Symbolic of the quality of the attention given to games is the good number of students who get into the University teams year after year and figure in the major tournaments. The College teams in Basket Ball (Men) and Volley Ball (Women) have remained at or near the top at the University and State levels. The students organize and conduct the Intra-murals and the annual intercollegiate GRD Trophy Tournaments in Cricket, Basketball, Chess, Table Tennis and Carrom.