Courses Offered

Academic activities at the College comprise undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses (full time and part time) M.Phil and Doctoral research programmes and non-formal career oriented courses of several levels and durations.

A unique feature of the College is that the curricular course work is backed by a planned series of Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits and Fieldwork. In addition, the Students are encouraged and supported to organize an extensive co-curricular programme, which includes major Inter Collegiate events.


The following programmes are offered in the College with English as the medium of instruction.

Under Graduate Degree Programmes
B.B.A. (Business Administration) Three years
BSc (Computer Science) Three years
B.Com. Three years
B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship) Three years
BSc (Biotechnology) Three years
BSc (Visual Communication) Three years
BSc (Visual Communication)-Addl. Section Three years
B.C.A Three years
B.C.A – Addl. Section Three years
BCom ( Computer Applications) Three years
BCom ( Computer Applications) – Addl. Section Three years
BCom ( e- Commerce) Three years
BCom Actuarial Management Three years
BSc Information Technology Three years
BCom Information Technology Three years
BCom International Business Three years
BCom Professional Accounting Three years
BCom with Accounting and Finance Three years
BBA Retail Management Three years
BA English Literature Three years
BSc Psychology Three years
BCom (Capital Markets) Three years
BSc (Computer Technology) Three years
Post Graduate degree
MBA (Full Time) Two Years
MBA (Part Time) Three years
M.C.A Two years
M.I.B. Two years
M.I.B. – Addl. Section Two years
MSc (Biotechnology) Two years
MJMC Two years
MSc Information Technology Two years
MA English Literature with C. A Two years
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
PG Diploma in International Business One year
PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development (Part Time) One year
PG Diploma in Robotics (Part Time) One year
Research Degree Programmes
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Management)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Commerce)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Computer Science)
M.Phil (FT & PT) (Biotechnology)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Communication)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Tamil)
Ph.D. Programmes
Ph.D.(FT&PT) (Biotechnology)
Ph.D.(FT&PT) (Microbiology)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Management)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Commerce)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Communication)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Computer Science)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Tamil)
Professional Programmes