Courses Offered


The following programmes are offered in the College with English as the medium of instruction, affiliated to Bharathiar University.

Under Graduate Degree Programmes
B.B.A. (Business Administration) Three years
B. Sc. (Computer Science) Three years
B.Com. Three years
B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship) Three years
B.Sc. (Biotechnology) Three years
B.Sc. (Visual Communication) Three years
B.C.A Three years
B.Com. ( Computer Applications) Three years
B.Com. ( e- Commerce) Three years
B.Com. Actuarial Management Three years
B.Sc. Information Technology Three years
B.Com. Information Technology Three years
B.Com. International Business Three years
B.Com. Professional Accounting Three years
B.Com. with Accounting and Finance Three years
B.B.A Retail Management Three years
B.Sc. Psychology Three years
B.Com. (Capital Markets) Three years
B.Sc. (Computer Technology) Three years
Post Graduate degree
M.B.A (Full Time) Two Years
M.C.A Two years
M.I.B.(M. Com IB) Two years
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Two years
M.J.M.C Two years
M.Sc. Information Technology Two years
M.A English Literature with C. A Two years
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development (Part Time) One year
PG Diploma in Robotics (Part Time) One year
Research Programmes
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Management)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Commerce)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Computer Science)
M.Phil (FT & PT) (Biotechnology)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Communication)
M.Phil (FT&PT) (Tamil)
Ph.D.(FT&PT) (Biotechnology)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Management)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Commerce)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Communication)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Computer Science)
Ph.D (FT&PT) (Tamil)