MESS RULES & REGULATIONS (Common for Both The Men and the Women):

  • The Dividing System will be followed for the daily rate calculation.
  • In case of long continuous absence with due intimation, reduction in the Mess bill will be allowed for the number of days of the absence less 3 days.
  • Milk will be provided at night upon request at an extra charge.
  • Non vegetarian items will be provided at an extra charge calculated on the dividing basis among those opting for it.
  • Mess Timings will be as follows :
  • 07.00 a.m. – 08.00 a.m. Tea/Coffee
    08.00 a.m. – 09.30 a.m Breakfast
    12.00 p.m. – 01.30 p.m Lunch
    04.00 p.m. – 05.00 p.m. Tea/Snacks
    07.30 p.m. – 08.30 p.m Dinner
  • Students are supposed to dine only inside the Mess Hall. The Mess Utensils / Food should not be taken to the Rooms, failing which they will be fined heavily.
  • Inmates should not issue any orders to the Mess Servants and shall not interfere in their work.
  • Inmates should not enter the kitchen without the prior permission of the Supervisor / Wardens.
  • Inmates should not cause any noise or other disturbance inside the Mess Hall.
  • A Mess Committee will be formed to advise on matters related to the Mess and the Menu and to assist in the purchase of the Mess provisions and consumables and the calculation of the Mess charges.