• A course in Psychology takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of the mind and fosters valuable aptitude for work and forms a flexible basis for a wide range of careers.
  • The course offers papers which focuses on the foundations of psychology, human development and various fields of psychology like abnormal psychopathology, experimental psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, human resource development, forensic and criminal psychology, etc.
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the biological and psychological foundation of human behavior.
  • To provide the students with wide knowledge of human development and the effects of environmental influences on behavior at all stages of development.
  • To train the students with therapies and skills to deal with abnormalities of human behaviour and various mental health issues.
  • The students get an opportunity to apply the principles learnt in the above theory papers in a laboratory by conducting case studies and experiments.
  • To develop self understanding and interpersonal skills to aid the issues of contemporary society by adding value and meaning to one’s existence.

Higher study:

  • M.Sc., Applied Psychology, M.Sc., Counseling Psychology, M.Sc., Clinical Psychology, M.Sc., Human Resource Management (HRM), M.Sc., Criminology & Criminal Justice Science, M.Sc., Cyber Forensics and Information, PhD
  • MBA, MSW


  • School counselors, Teaching and Research, Special educator, Educational psychologist, College counselors, Counseling psychologist, Health psychologist, Psychotherapist, Clinical psychologist, Rehabilitation, Sport psychologist, Forensic psychologist, Criminologist, Human Resource Management (HRM), Industrial psychologist, Media expert.

Faculty Profile

Name Qualification Designation
Ms.C Roshini M.Sc Assistant Professor
Ms.Swarna Sampath Kumar M.Sc Assistant Professor
Ms.V Rajalakshmi M.Sc, M.Phil Assistant Professor
Mr.Janani S M.Sc, M.Phil Assistant Professor
Dr A Gomathi M.Sc(Applied Psychology), Ph.D, SET Assistant Professor
Ms.Pavithra B M.Sc, NET Assistant Professor
Ms.B Soundarya Lakshmi M.Sc, NET Assistant Professor
Ms.P Jeyabala M.Sc, M.Phil, NET, SET Assistant Professor