The Department of Languages - English, Tamil, Hindi, French and Malayalam offers part 1 and part 2 language courses for first and second years. It has been developed with the objective of providing and enhancing the learners’ potentials needed for the core competencies demanded by the Society as well as the Industry.The Department has a set of highly skilled professionals in order to groom the upcoming learners to achieve and attain their zenith in life and for living.

The main focus of the language laboratory is to inculcate the language proficiency based on competency tasks and exercises in learning ambiance in order to tune their skills for the requirement of the corporate and enhancing their potentials, whereby, bridging the gap between the employers requirement. Programmes offered to meet the challenges of the corporate in language laboratory are Effective Communication, Communication Skills for Professionals, Interpersonal Communication Skills and Team/st1:PlaceName> Building, Workshop for Communication Skills for Managerial Success, Leadership Skills Development and Team Building,, Life Skills for Managers.

Further, it provides an arena to relish with British Counsel Trained facilitators for certificate course BEC (Business English Certificate) and Trainers for IELTS ( International English Language Testing System).

The mission of the department is to pave the learners to be the best Statesmen’s and it is with the inculcation to promote the global language, as to flourish and nourish in inter as well as intro domino.For past decades, the function of the department is, as a pathfinder with vibrant and versatile skilled competent pedagogies, creates a serene environment with an amicable atmosphere to nurture the tenders to excel and elite in profession.All the languages have their own associations to cater the needs of the students by conducting various literary competitions and organizes workshops, seminars and guest lectures for the dyadic communication.